Audi Q7 Diesel

                                            Audi Q7 Diesel SUV

The Q7 TDI 3.0 is Audi’s very sporty looking entry into the diesel SUV arena. The Q7 is also the car that Audi used to launch its TDI lineup in the United States.

Audi Q7 Diesel
Like Audi’s other TDI, A3 diesel, the Q7 looks more like a station wagon than a traditional American SUV. This means it is lower slung and has a hatchback type door. This does provide for seating for seven passengers.

It also contains quite a bit of cargo room for a smaller SUV Audi’s website states that 28 different seat configurations are available on the Q7 so it does appear to be a very versatile vehicle.

Audi TDI 3.0 Liter V6 Engine

The highlight of the Audi Q7 TDI is definitely the turbocharged TDI 3.0 V6 diesel engine. This power train gives the Q7 power and performance rivaling larger SUVs. This engine uses a combination of turbo charging and direct injection to give the vehicle 406 pounds of torque and 225 horsepower.

The 3.0 Liter V6 also delivers on the fuel efficiency in a 2008 test, a Q7 TDI averaged 28 miles per gallon on a trip between New York and Los Angeles. Audi calculates that the average driver can get 600 miles out of one tank of fuel using this diesel engine. In addition to delivering fuel efficiency and power, the V6 is also delivers low emissions. It has 20-percent fewer emissions than comparable gasoline engines. The patented AdBlue technology in the system removes 90-percent of nitrogen oxide and 20-percent of the carbon from the exhaust.

The diesel engine also includes Variable Turbine Geometry, which allows for more engine power to be used at lower speeds. This provides more power for city driving and for bad weather driving. It also allows for quicker acceleration.

Performance and Four Wheel Drive Features

In addition to power and fuel efficiency the Q7 TDI 3 Diesel provides the superior handling and performance drivers have come to expect from Audi SUVs. The most popular of these features is the Quattro permanent all-wheel drive. Quattro is a self locking differential that is designed to sense where extra torque is needed and send it there instantly. This can adjust power between the front and back wheels of the car and deliver more traction when it is needed. It also provides the best amount of traction for road conditions.

The electronically-controlled adaptive air suspension is designed to give the most comfortable ride possible. Drivers can chose from six different settings depending on the kind of driving they are doing lift, off-road, comfort, auto, dynamic and cargo. The system lets the driver adjust the air springs and even the ride height of the car. That means a person can raise the ride height for driving on a rough road and lower it when loading the car.

Also adding to performance is the Servotronic power steering. This adjusts the amount of power and provides the amount of power steering the driver needs. The eight-speed Tiptronic Transmission gives drivers the versatility of a stick shift and the ease of an automatic transmission. Buyers can chose between steering mounted paddle controls or a traditional stick in the floor.

The Q7 can be ordered with a towing package that enables a driver to tow loads up to 6,600 pounds. The towing package provides both extra cooling capacity for the engine and a trailer hitch.

Several different packages are available for the Q7 so it is among the most versatile vehicles in Audi’s lineup. The Q7 diesel would make a good family car because it is safe and powerful. The price range for it starts at $51,000 which will be a drawback for some consumers.