You ought to have a controlled and calculated rate when taking a shot.


Before you engage yourself in billiard gambling you first need to have some plan about how to acquire the billiard game. We have gathered a few tips and strategy which may help you win billiard. The said tips won’t provide you a hundred per cent ratio of winning but it could somehow increase your opportunity to win.

Here we go! In playing billiard, maintaining your body stationery and comfortable is quite important. Only your one hand/arm holding the cue stick ought to be the only component that’s moving at a slow, comfortable and steady movement of moving back and forth.

Keep your eyes focused on the alignment of your cue when aiming and ensure that your sight is consistent and with a purpose.


In drawing on your photo, you have to see that the tip of your cue stick is suitably chalked. Always relaxed your clasp and aligned your own cue. Speed is not the one thing that you need to control in playing billiard; you should also control the position. Make sure to understand a good deal of strategic positions so you will have the ability to use it in any game scenarios you will encounter.


Create the best strategies, if playing secure will give you the win then play it safely. Lastly and the most important is to know the kind of shots in billiard, to name a few, we have the jump, throw and break shots. Once you know all the billiard shots, you should then create the best strategies and calculative methods on doing the shots perfectly.

One more thing which will help a lot is to seek advice from an authority in this field and have sessions instruction if possible. Actual training and constant practice is still the best strategy in conquering the triumph.